Fundraising with Butterflies

Science and magic come ALIVE with Grow-Your-Own Butterfly Kits. Living caterpillars eat, form chrysalides and emerge as beautiful painted lady butterflies. Watch the miracle right in your own home, classroom or office! Call us for details: 248-885-0447


The butterfly lifecycle is a wonder to children and adults alike! This entertaining and educational kit is a hit and is sure to boost your fundraising goals. Download our fundraising flier here

  • Kit Includes:
    • 2 Living Caterpillars
    • Incubator Cup
    • Chrysalis Box
    • Food & Instructions
  • Pop Up Mesh Habitats Available
    Boost profits with add-on sales
  • Full Color Leaflet and Printable Order Form
    Shipped to your Organization
  • Free Shipping to Your Organization
    Your group distributes to buyers
  • You Choose the Per-Kit Profit Margin
    For example: 
    Your Cost: $6.50
    Suggested Price: $10-$12
    Per-Kit Profit: $3.50 – $5.50



Call us for details: 248-885-0447
Download our fundraising flier here


Classroom Kit