The Field Trip for All Ages!


field_tripsField Trip Plus
– Each student receives 1 caterpillar to raise on their own! (Includes all Basic Field Trip)

Basic Field Trip 

We offer unique, age-appropriate field trip experiences that are sure to make a lasting impression on your class or group. This field trip meets NSTA National Science Education Standards (C.2.1) Life Science / Life Cycles. Teachers may request an in class assessment activity at the completion of the field trip.

  • Appropriate for ages 3 years – 15 years.
  • Each area has trained teaching staff with guided activities.
  • All activities and content are age appropriate and developmentally appropriate.  They will vary based on the average age of your group.
  • Minimum group size: 15 participants
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The Field Trip Experience

Our field trip features three entertaining areas, all about Butterflies! Everyone spends approximately 30 min in each of the three areas. Larger groups can be divided into three so that each rotates to different areas. (See below for more detail about these three areas.)

Experience ONE: Live Butterfly House

Butterflies Field TripStudents encounter live butterflies fluttering freely. This staff-guided tour focuses on the anatomy of the butterfly, its life cycle, and explores the butterfly ecosystem. There are opportunities to see a butterfly hatch from the chrysalis, or even have a butterfly land on your finger! The butterfly species will vary based on weather / time of year, ask for more details. (The tour is presented with age and developmentally appropriate information.)

Experience TWO: Life Cycle & Craft Area

butterflies field tripYounger students explore the stages of the butterfly life cycle with an interactive activity. Then it’s time for fun! Each student will create their own flapping butterfly craft to take home.

Older students complete an interactive activity that will compare the life cycle of butterfly with that of other species and explore environmental effects different organisms. Then we complete a fun anatomy craft that each student can take home.

Experience THREE: Challenge ME! Game

Younger children begin by participating in an interactive story time. Our life cycle big screen show is highlighted with the students acting out the butterfly’s lifestyle through a fun physical activity.

Older students participate in an entertaining presentation that covers the butterfly life cycle and compares them to different animals and plants, as well as the relation of environment to different organisms. It’s important to remember as much as you can from the presentation for our CHALLENGE ME! game show. This entertaining big screen activity will test the knowledge of students.

There’s Even More!
Raise-your-own with Field Trip Plus, Classroom Kits and Fundraiser packages that are perfect for your organization:
Field Trip Plus

Each student receives one caterpillar to raise on their own!

  • $2.00 per student added to basic field trip price.
  • Some locations may be excluded, please inquire.
  • Field Trip Plus not available in Hawaii.
Classroom Kits
  • 33 Painted Lady caterpillars (Mainland)
  • 4 Monarch caterpillars, Book & Crown Flower Plant (Hawaii)
  • Habitat & materials
  • 4 complimentary tickets to an event near you
    Kits can be shipped anywhere in the Continental US
  • Order online (Mainland)
  • Call to order: 808-691-9103 (Hawaii)
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Raise-Your-Own Butterfly Fundraiser


The butterfly life cycle is a wonder to children and adults alike! This entertaining and educational program is a hit and is sure to boost your fundraising goals.

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