National Curriculum Framework – Field Trips

Girl with ButterflyThe Butterflies! Field Trip Covers the Following Standards

Content Standards and Draft Benchmarks Science – using Scientific Knowledge from the Life Sciences In Real-World Contexts

Content Standard 1: Cells

  1. Describe cells as living systems. (Key concepts: Life functions—growth, development, reproduction, response to environment, movement) All parts of living things are made of cells.

Content Standard 2: Organization of Living Things

  1. Compare and classify familiar organisms on the basis of observable physical characteristics. (Key concepts: Animal parts)
  2. Describe vertebrates in terms of observable body parts and characteristics
  3. Describe life cycles of familiar organisms. (Key concepts: Life cycle stages, young and adult)
Close up view of chrysalis

Science up close

Content Standard 5: Ecosystems

  1. Explain common patterns of interdependence and inter-relationships of living things. Real world contexts: Relationships among plants and animals in an ecosystem
  2. Describe the basic requirements for all living things to maintain their existence. (Key concepts: Needs of life— food, habitat, water, shelter, air, light, minerals)
  3. Design systems that encourage growing particular plants or animals

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A variety of lunch options are available, please contact us for more information. Lunch reservations required at time of registration. Final order and details must be received at least 3 days prior to your trip.

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