Classroom Kits

classRaise Living Butterflies in Your Classroom!

Experience the magic of the butterfly life cycle! Hungry, active caterpillars arrive, form chrysalides and emerge as colorful butterflies.

Opportunities abound as your students observe, document and make predictions. The experiment reaches an exciting finish when your class gets to release their butterflies into the wild.

We offer two exciting kits based on your geographic location:

Standard Classroom Kit

For Classrooms in the Continental United States

Hawaii Classroom Kit

For Classrooms in the Hawaiian Islands

Kit Includes:

  • painted_lady33 Living Painted Lady Caterpillars
  • 33 Incubator Cups
  • Caterpillar Food
  • Pop Up Habitat
  • Complete Instructions
  • 4 Passes to Our Upcoming Butterfly Exhibit (locations vary)
Kit Includes:




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